Troubleshooting Your Septic System

Three Things To Do When You Move Into A Home That's Been Vacant For A While

There are many reasons why a home may sit vacant for several years. The owner may pass away and it may take their children time to get around to selling the home, or the home may go into foreclosure and the bank may take a while to find a buyer. Whatever the reason for the vacancy, it's important to keep this aspect in mind when you do start living in the home. Since all of the systems and appliances will have been sitting unused for several years, there are a few tasks to tackle before you move in.

Have the septic tank pumped.

If the home has a septic system, call a septic tank pumping company and make an appointment to have the tank pumped out before you move in. Otherwise, there's no way to know how full the tank is -- and you may find yourself facing a septic overflow in the near future. The company can also check over the tank to ensure there are no tree roots growing into it and impeding the flow of water.

If the home is connected to a public sewer, you should still have a septic company come look over the main sewer line. Sewer mains are often invaded by tree roots, and this can lead to dangerous sewage backups. If they do find roots, they can use a special auger to remove them and clear the line. 

Clean the carpet.

Carpet tends to accumulate mold spores, bacteria, pet dander, pollen, and other pesty particles as it sits. Though vacuuming will remove some of these, it won't often remove the offending particles from deep within the carpet. Have a carpet shampooing company come thoroughly clean your carpet before you move in, and you won't feel so gross when you sit on it or walk across it. Cleaning the carpet will instantly improve the smell of the home, too. If it has that musty, abandoned odor, this will help.

Have the ducts cleaned.

Even if the heating system works, you don't want to just turn on a furnace that has not been used in a few years. Chances are, a great deal of dust has built up in the ductwork, and when you turn it on, the dust will blow out all over the home. Make an appointment with an HVAC company to come clean the ducts before you turn on the AC or the heat.