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Why Grease Traps Are Important

When people visit restaurants, they expect the experience to be pleasant. For instance, no one wants to have a meal that is served on a patio table that is surrounded with a foul odor. If your restaurant patio is located close the area of the building that the kitchen is in, it is possible that the grease trap is responsible for the foul odor being present. There might be years of trapped food particles and grease in the trap if you have never had it cleaned out before. Below, you will gain more insight about the grease trap on the exterior of your restaurant so you can get rid of the foul odor that it is causing.

The Purpose

It is important for your restaurant to have a grease trap because it aids with the functionality of the plumbing system. For example, each time food particles or grease makes it down the kitchen sink drains; the trap is able to catch them after they flow through the pipes. No matter how much you tell your employees to not put food and grease down the drains, it is likely that some will make it through anyway. The trap is also used for capturing food that is placed inside of the garbage disposal if your sink has one. The more food that the trap is able to capture, the better your plumbing system will be able to function.

Damage That a Full Trap Can Cause

When a trap is allowed to accumulate large amounts of grease and food, it can cause damage to the plumbing system. At some point, the food and grease will begin to remain inside of the pipes, which can cause them to deteriorate. You would then have to invest in more repairs than you desire do to the pipes being damaged, as well as because waste will flow through them in a smooth manner. Other than causing damage to your plumbing system, full grease traps makes it easier for foo and grease to get into the municipal plumbing system. The problem can lead to bodies of water becoming contaminated.

How You Can Clean the Trap

The best way to handle a full grease trap is to leave it in the hands of a professional. A contractor will be able to quickly remove the grease and food by using special equipment, such as a pump. However, he or she will make sure the trap is thoroughly cleaned by manually cleaning it out after the majority of it has been removed with equipment. You should get the trap cleaned as much as possible being that you run a restaurant and it is likely to accumulate debris on a regular basis.

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