Troubleshooting Your Septic System

About Leaks In A Septic Tank

Are you concerned about the wastewater that has been leaking out of your septic tank? You are right to be concerned because such a problem is very hazardous to you and your pets. Wastewater from a septic tank is highly toxic and can cause harm to the soil, your health, and your pets. Explain what is going on to a plumber so he or she can set an appointment to figure out why the leak is present in the tank. This article explains important things in regards to having a problematic septic tank on your property.

The Common Causes of Septic Tank Leaks

Septic tanks are manufactured out of several materials, so a leak can depend on the type of tank that you have. For example, if your tank is manufactured from plastic, it is possible that the body of it has become corroded. There might be holes in the plastic that is causing the leak, but there is no guarantee that the holes can be repaired. Concrete tanks can develop leaks when the body becomes cracked, as such a material is prone to getting cracked after a while. The fittings on a septic tank can also become corroded or get loose and allow wastewater to leak out.

Why a Septic Tank Leak is Dangerous

The most important thing that causes a septic tank leak to be dangerous is the extent of toxins that the wastewater has. It is also possible that there is solid waste materials mixed up in the water. When the waste seeps into the soil, it can contaminate everything that grows in the soil. For example, if you have a vegetable garden, the leaking wastewater can cause your crops to be too toxic to consume. If you or your pets consume the contaminated crops, serious health problems can develop.

Assistance that a Plumber Can Provide

A plumber can inspect the body of your septic tank to find out where there wastewater is leaking from. He or she will then be able to determine if the damage can be repaired. Cracks and holes can be sealed up depending on their size, width, and the type of material that your tank is manufactured with. If the plumber finds problems with the fittings on the tank, he or she can possibly replace them to fix the problem. Loose fittings are likely to only require being tightened up, but it might not be possible if they are worn out.

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