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3 Huge Reasons Why You Need A Toilet Trailer Rental At Your Outdoor Wedding

Are you currently in the midst of planning a late spring or early summer outdoor wedding? Do you think that you have just about everything ready except for the event itself? Planning an outdoor wedding can be exciting but it can also be hectic. Unlike an indoor wedding held at a church or some similar location, everything must be brought to the site. This includes seating for your guests, canopies or tents to protect them from the sun, and so forth. But one thing that is all too easy to overlook is the restroom facilities for all of your guests. Although restrooms may exist at or near your wedding's location, there are a number of reasons why you should consider renting something like a toilet trailer for everyone. This includes:


When considering whether you want to go with renting toilet facilities, you're probably thinking about the often bright blue or neon orange portable toilets that are commonly seen in most places. But toilet trailer rentals are different. Unlike the brightly colored plastic portable toilets, a toilet trailer will blend into the background. Unless told what they're for, it won't be immediately obvious to most people what toilet trailer rentals actually are. This makes them ideal to use at weddings.


While restroom facilities may already exist at your chosen location, there is a good chance that they are either not as clean as would be appropriate for a wedding or else they are not equipped to deal with a large number of people all at once. With toilet trailer rentals, you can be assured that the trailer is thoroughly cleaned before and after each rental and is fully stocked with sufficient bathroom tissue and other supplies that your guests will need. Instead of having to deal with the dubious toilets and a lack of hand washing ability that may be found in a public restroom, they'll be able to see to their needs in the relative comfort of the toilet trailer.

Handicap accommodations

Even if restrooms exist where your wedding is being held, there's no guarantee that the location will have adequate handicap facilities for those who need it. For various reasons, the handicap stalls in public restrooms are often the first ones trashed by various mischief-makers. This could result in several of your friends or family members being unable to properly relieve themselves. Fortunately, handicap-accessible toilet trailer rentals are available. This allows you to make sure that there are sufficient facilities for everyone on your guest list.

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