Troubleshooting Your Septic System

Septic Tank Problems: Why Does Your Grass Look So Lush And Green?

If some of your grass appears lusher and greener than the rest of the grass on your property, you could have a septic tank leak. Septic tanks and their lines carry solid and liquid waste. If something bad occurs in your septic system, fluid can leak into the soil and make your grass grow and look healthier. Learn how a septic system leak can make your grass grow below.

Why Is the Grass Green and Lush?

A lush, green lawn can bring out the best in your home and property. But when only certain areas of your grass grow well, it can be alarming. It can be even more alarming when the grass grows well around your septic tank. In this case, you could have a leak in your septic tank or lines.

A septic tank not only improves your home's ability to remove wastewater out of the home, but it can also keep your utility expenses down. However, tanks and their pipes can break down or clog up from regular use. Septic systems can also fill up with hard waste over time and leak. Wastewater can leak below or above ground, which causes the grass in the contaminated area to grow lusher and greener than anywhere else in your lawn. 

You can look for the problem in your septic system yourself, but it can be time-consuming if you don't know where to begin. In this case, it's wiser to contact a septic system service provider for help.

How Do You Find a Septic Tank Leak?

A septic system contractor can check your tank's baffles to see if there's a clog in them. Baffles can also rust, deteriorate, or simply become too old to handle the wastewater flowing through your septic system. Over time, blockages can occur in the system. 

In addition, a contractor can inspect the tank and its lines and leach field for problems. If a contractor finds an issue in these parts of your septic system, they can take care of them for you. A service provider may clean out the tank and flush the lines to help solve the problem.

You can prevent leaks and other septic problems by having your system checked as recommended by a contractor. To recommend the best cleaning schedule to you, a contractor will consider certain factors, such as how many people living in your house and the age of your tank. You can decide whether or not the schedule works for you.

You can obtain the services you need for your septic system by contacting a company like AAA Pumping Service today.