Troubleshooting Your Septic System

How Do You Know You Have An Emergency Septic Situation?

If you have a septic tank on your residential property, you become in charge of making sure the thing is operating as it should, which requires ongoing maintenance and attention. While regular maintenance calls and repairs can come up, they are pretty expected occurrences. However, occasionally, emergency septic situations do come up that should mandate immediate attention from a septic tank repair service professional. Some of these services do offer around-the-clock service for such emergency situations, but how do you know what constitutes a septic tank emergency? Here's a look at some of the reasons you may have to call for emergency septic tank repair. 

The ground above the tank has changed shape drastically. 

A sudden change in how the ground is shaped over top the area where your septic tank is located is a huge concern that should be tended to immediately. This can signify a list of problems, including:

  • the lid to the septic tank has collapsed
  • the septic tank has shifted position underground
  • there is a major leak of sewage underground 

If you see that the ground has mounded up, sunken in, or otherwise drastically changed in a short time frame, it is best to call in some professional help. 

Your toilet is overflowing or refuses to flush.  

An overflowing toilet is typically an emergency plumbing situation, but if you have a private septic tank, this can actually be more of a problem with your septic tank. This problem can be caused by a backflow of sewage regurgitating from the tank, which may be relative to a change in air pressure in the tank itself. Whatever the cause, you definitely don't want raw sewage being pushed into your house and you must get someone to your property right away for help. 

There is evidence of leaking sewage water around the septic tank area.

Your ground around the septic tank area was perfectly dry the day before, but the next day you discover standing sewage all around it. Unfortunately, this means that your tank has sprung a major leak, and it is probably leaking pretty profusely from the tank. Therefore, you should get a septic tank repair professional on site as soon as you can because the problem will only get worse. In the event the tank has a major leak, it will have to be dug out, opened, empties, and repaired before it will be safe for use.

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