Know How To Care For Your Septic? 4 Activities That Could Harm Your Septic And You

When it comes to your septic system, there are some activities that could cause serious problems; not just for your system, but for you too. You probably know to avoid pouring grease down the drain. You might even know that you should avoid using too much antibacterial soap, since it can kill the good bacteria in your tank. However, there are a few other activities that you might not be aware of. [Read More]

Is Your Septic Tank Failing? 2 Things To Look Out For

A broken septic tank is the last thing a homeowner wants to deal with, but it can be avoided if you know what signs to look for. Discovering a problem early means that it is more likely the tank can be repaired the minimal expense. Here are two signs to look out for that mean the septic tank is having problems: Your Yard Is Flooding A definite sign of septic tank problems is when your yard starts to flood in the area where the septic tank is located. [Read More]

About Leaks In A Septic Tank

Are you concerned about the wastewater that has been leaking out of your septic tank? You are right to be concerned because such a problem is very hazardous to you and your pets. Wastewater from a septic tank is highly toxic and can cause harm to the soil, your health, and your pets. Explain what is going on to a plumber so he or she can set an appointment to figure out why the leak is present in the tank. [Read More]

3 Reasons To Rent A Portable Toilet During Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

You have all the plans worked out, the fixtures chosen, and even have a contractor scheduled to begin your bathroom remodeling project. It sounds like you've got it all figured out. However, there is one small detail that you should consider before your remodeling project begins: renting portable toilets. You may be thinking that there would be no need for a portable toilet during a remodeling project if the toilet itself is going to stay. [Read More]