Why Grease Traps Are Important

When people visit restaurants, they expect the experience to be pleasant. For instance, no one wants to have a meal that is served on a patio table that is surrounded with a foul odor. If your restaurant patio is located close the area of the building that the kitchen is in, it is possible that the grease trap is responsible for the foul odor being present. There might be years of trapped food particles and grease in the trap if you have never had it cleaned out before. [Read More]

Understanding The Problems That Might Cause Septic Failure In Your Home

The septic system of your home is a waste treatment solution with many different components. Some of these components fail due to causes like lack of maintenance, incorrect installation or poor soil quality. Drain fields are one of the costliest components of a septic system to have replaced, so it is good to know what problems may cause failure. Here are some of the problems that may lead to drain field failure of your septic system: [Read More]

Three Things To Do When You Move Into A Home That's Been Vacant For A While

There are many reasons why a home may sit vacant for several years. The owner may pass away and it may take their children time to get around to selling the home, or the home may go into foreclosure and the bank may take a while to find a buyer. Whatever the reason for the vacancy, it's important to keep this aspect in mind when you do start living in the home. [Read More]

2 Methods To Test Your Soil Before Installing A Septic System

Before you can install a septic system in your home's yard, it is necessary to test the soil to make sure it can accommodate the septic system's drainage field. The drainage field is important to ensure your septic system stays healthy and efficiently drains excess water from its tank into the surrounding soil. For this reason, the soil needs to have the proper mixture of sand and clay. Here are two methods you can use to test your soil's characteristics before installing a septic system drainage field in your yard. [Read More]